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Damn Gina - Martin Trivia Card Game

Damn Gina - Martin Trivia Card Game

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Martin Trivia Card Game Damn Gina The Fun Black Tv Trivia Drinking Game. This game will demonstrate that you know and understand this classic television programs or you'll end up tipsy!

Martin Trivia Card Game Details:


Martin Trivia Card Game Damn Gina has trivia questions from the great Martin Lawrence TV Show.

Black Owned | Adults' Favorite Drinking Game - The Fun Black Tv Trivia Drinking Game. This game will demonstrate that you understand classic television programs that have played a role in the development of African American/black film and television. For a long time, Martin Lawrence has been killing the comedy game. And now you can play a trivia game based on his classic hit show from the 90s. Damn Gina Is A Black-Owned Adult Drinking Game. This Game Is Designed To Start The Party Off Right. You Open This Up At The Beginning Of Your Women's Night Bachelorette Party, Bachelor Party, And It's Time To Get Ready For A Lot Of Fun. These Cards Will Be An Ice BREAKER At Any Kind Of Black Adult Celebration. or let everyone know your hood card or passport has been revoked.

Instant Party Classic | This Black Adult Party Card Game has questions from one of the best shows on black television. You'll discover trivia questions from The Homies Pam, Gina, Tommy, Cole, and his friend Martin in the pack.

How To Play | Shuffle the cards well. Starting clockwise, each player takes turns drawing a card from the top of the deck. When it's your turn, read the card aloud, and if the Trivia Questions aren't answered correctly, someone will drink. You'll be able to be petty with certain cards and give someone an extra drink or assist someone.

What's Inside | The Most Brilliant, Colorful, And Creative Collectible For Martin TV Show Fans. Every Box Comes With 100 Cards + A Customized Box To Keep This Martin Trivia Card Game Safe.

Designed For 21+ | Play With Beer, Shots, Wine, Water, Or Whatever But Always Drink Responsibly!

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