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Hip Hop Game Lyric Trivia

Hip Hop Game Lyric Trivia

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Hip Hop Game Lyric Edition 1995 - 2000 The Adult Fun Hip Hop / Rap Trivia Drinking Game. You'll Be Able To Tell If You Know 1995-2000 HIP HOP / RAP From Playing This Game.



Hip Hop Game Lyric Edition Details:


Black Owned | The Adult Fun Hip Hop / Rap Trivia Drinking Game. You'll Be Able To Tell If You Know 1995-2000 HIP HOP/RAP From Playing This Hip Hop Trivia Questions Game That Helped Shape African American Music Or Let Everyone Know Your Hood Card or Passport Is No Longer Valid. This Game Is A MUST If You're A Fan Of Hip Hop / Rap Music And Want To See How Much Knowledge You Have About HIP HOP / RAP. It's not just a game. It's an experience! This unique party card game has 100 cards that you can use as ice-breakers or conversation starters or find out how much your friends (or potential new friends) know about Hip-Hop. This game is for everyone, regardless of your music preference or whether you're an expert or just learning about the culture.

You can play this hip hop trivia questions game as individuals or in teams. For example: If there's an individual who is playing and they don't know the answer to a question, then their other team members could attempt to assist by shouting out answers (if no one screams out the correct answer, let everyone vote for which answer they believed was the right one, or have the individual who didn't know attempt to answer while everyone else votes on whether they were right or wrong).

Instant Party Classic | The Black Adult Party Card Game has song lyrics from 1996 through 2000. In addition, lyric trivia questions from DMX, Tupac, Nelly, and various other Hip Hop / Rap musicians are included in the pack.

How To Play | Shuffle the Cards Well. Take Turns drawing cards from the deck, starting clockwise. When your turn comes, read the card out loud, and someone, perhaps including you, will drink if the trivia questions aren't answered correctly. You may be petty with cards that allow you to give someone an extra drink or assist someone else.

What's Inside | This pack of hip hop trivia questions playing cards is manufactured on premium paper and has a superior finish. It comes with 100 cards, printed on high-quality playing cards, shrink-wrapped in a custom box.

Designed For 21+ | Play With Beer, Shots, Wine, Water, Or Whatever But Always Drink Responsibly!

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