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Black Owned Movie/TV Trivia Party Game V2

Black Owned Movie/TV Trivia Party Game V2

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Black Owned V2 | Black Owned Products For The Culture. Playing This Game Could Have You Intoxicated If You Don't Know The Shows And Movies That Helped Shape The World.

Instant Party Classic | This Black Owned Product V2 Adult Party Card Game Features Questions From 4 Of Black Tv And Film Best. In The Pack, You'll Find Drinking Cards With Trivia Questions From The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Boyz N The Hood And New Jack City.

How To Play | Take Turns Drawing A Card From The Top Of The Deck, Shuffle The Cards Well. Starting With Clockwise, Each Player Takes Turns Pulling A Card From The Top OF THE DECK. If the trivia questions aren't answered correctly, one of you, someone else, or a group of people will drink if it's your turn. You'll come across cards that you can be petty with and give someone an extra drink or assist someone. It's most enjoyable with 3 to 20 people.

What’s Inside | 100 Cards, Printed On Premium Playing Cards; Shrink-wrapped In A Custom Box.

Designed For 21+ | Play With Beer, Shots, Wine, Water, Or Whatever But Always Drink Responsibly!

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