Zamunda to Queens: Exploring the Fashion and Style of Coming to America

Zamunda to Queens: Exploring the Fashion and Style of Coming to America

From the royal palace of Zamunda to the bustling streets of Queens, New York, Coming to America effortlessly captured the essence of 1980s fashion while incorporating traditional African style. The costumes in this iconic film represent more than just the characters' individual personalities; they also reflect the journey of self-discovery and cultural exploration that drives the story forward.

African-inspired fashion is showcased from the very beginning, with Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, wearing traditional African attire in the fictional country of Zamunda. These costumes, adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, immediately establish the film's connection to African culture. As Akeem's journey continues, he exchanges these regal outfits for more casual and urban clothes to blend in with the New York City locals.

The film also features plenty of memorable 80s fashion trends, such as shoulder pads, bold colors, and extravagant accessories. Lisa McDowell, played by Shari Headley, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the era with her stylish ensembles. The supporting characters also sport a variety of looks that pay homage to the time period, from McDowell's fast food uniforms to the Soul Glo hairstyles.

Costume design is a crucial aspect of Coming to America, helping to define and develop the characters while also providing visual storytelling. For instance, Akeem's transition from a prince to a commoner is reflected in his wardrobe, as he initially dons his royal garb before shifting to more modest clothing. Similarly, the appearance of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in multiple roles highlights their comedic talent and the film's clever use of disguise.

As Akeem and Lisa's love story unfolds, the costumes play a significant role in showing their growing connection. Akeem's wardrobe evolves to reflect his increasing understanding of American culture and his desire to find true love. Lisa's attire, meanwhile, showcases her independence and strong sense of self, which makes her a perfect match for Akeem.

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