Where Are They? Catch Up with A Different World Cast (Plus Drinking Game)

Where Are They? Catch Up with A Different World Cast (Plus Drinking Game)

A Different World, the classic 90s sitcom, remains a cherished favorite among many fans who have fond memories of watching the iconic show. The series, which starred Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Lisa Bonet, and Darryl Bell, among others, followed the lives of students at the fictional historically black college Hillman. It's been decades since the show ended, and many are curious to know what the cast members have been up to since then. In this blog post, we'll catch up with the stars of A Different World and introduce an adult drinking game that's perfect for celebrating the show's unforgettable moments.

Jasmine Guy, who portrayed the unforgettable Whitley Gilbert, has continued her acting career in both film and television, with notable roles in series like Dead Like Me, Vampire Diaries, and Grey's Anatomy. She has also directed episodes of television shows, including The Quad and Melrose Place, and continues to work in theater.

Kadeem Hardison, who played the lovable Dwayne Wayne, has enjoyed a successful acting career with roles in shows such as K.C. Undercover, Love Is__, and Black Monday. He has also appeared in movies like White Men Can't Jump, Renaissance Man, and Made of Honor.

Lisa Bonet, known for her role as Denise Huxtable, has been working in the entertainment industry since A Different World, with memorable roles in movies like Angel Heart, High Fidelity, and Enemy of the State. She has also appeared in TV series such as Ray Donovan and The Red Road.

Darryl Bell, who played Ron Johnson, has continued acting with appearances in TV shows like Living Single, Homeboys in Outer Space, and Cosby. He has also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, launching various businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

While you reminisce about the show and catch up with the cast, why not incorporate a fun drinking game into your next gathering to celebrate their unforgettable roles? Black Owned V3 is a black-owned adult party card game that features trivia questions from A Different World, Living Single, Friday After Next, and Set It Off. With 100 cards and room for 3 to 20 players, this game is perfect for any occasion.

Whether it's game night, family night, or you're just looking for something to keep the party going, Black Owned V3 is a trivia game that will have everyone entertained. The questions range from easy to difficult, ensuring that there's something for everyone. Test your knowledge about A Different World and the other shows and movies featured in the game, all while enjoying a drink with friends and family.

As we look back on the lasting impact of A Different World and the careers of its talented cast, it's clear that the show continues to hold a special place in our hearts. So, gather your friends, pop in your favorite episodes, and enjoy a night of laughter, nostalgia, and friendly competition with Black Owned V3.

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