Top 5 Martin Catchphrases You Still Quote Today

Top 5 Martin Catchphrases You Still Quote Today

From 1992 to 1997, the TV show Martin, starring the hilarious Martin Lawrence, was a cultural phenomenon. Martin's comedic timing, unforgettable characters, and, of course, the catchy catchphrases made the show a classic. In this blog post, we'll take a trip down memory lane and share the top 5 Martin catchphrases that still have us laughing today. And while we're at it, why not challenge your friends to a trivia game inspired by the show? Jerome In The House is a black-owned party card game that will keep the laughter going and make any occasion more enjoyable.

  1. "Damn, Gina!" When Martin Payne, played by Martin Lawrence, wanted to express his frustration or disbelief with his girlfriend Gina Waters, played by Tisha Campbell, he would often exclaim, "Damn, Gina!" This catchphrase became synonymous with the show and is still used today as a playful way to express surprise or irritation.

  2. "You go, girl!" Another classic catchphrase from the show is "You go, girl!" Martin would use this phrase to encourage and cheer on his friends, especially the women in his life. It quickly became a popular and empowering expression in the '90s, and people continue to use it today to support and motivate their friends.

  3. "Wazzup!" Martin's enthusiastic greeting, "Wazzup!" became a staple of the show and was often used by the characters to say hello to one another. This energetic catchphrase was later popularized by a well-known commercial in the late '90s, but it remains a fun and lighthearted way to greet friends even today.

  4. "Get to steppin'!" Whenever Martin wanted someone to leave his apartment, he would firmly say, "Get to steppin'!" This catchphrase conveyed his frustration and annoyance, often accompanied by a hand gesture directing the person towards the door. It remains a humorous way to tell someone it's time for them to go.

  5. "Oh my goodness!" Sheneneh Jenkins, one of Martin's most memorable characters, would frequently exclaim, "Oh my goodness!" in response to something shocking or outrageous. This catchphrase, delivered in Sheneneh's sassy and exaggerated manner, has become a popular way to express surprise and disbelief.

After reminiscing about these hilarious catchphrases, why not put your knowledge of the show to the test and have some fun with your friends? Jerome In The House is a trivia game inspired by the TV show Martin that will keep the laughter going and make any occasion more enjoyable. This black-owned party card game is perfect for game nights, family gatherings, or just a casual evening with friends. So go ahead, challenge your friends, and see who's the ultimate Martin fan!

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