Martin's Funniest Supporting Characters: Who's Your Favorite?

Martin's Funniest Supporting Characters: Who's Your Favorite?

Martin, the iconic TV show starring Martin Lawrence, wouldn't have been the same without its hilarious supporting characters. From outrageous neighbors to eccentric friends, these characters brought extra laughs to every episode. In this blog post, we'll highlight some of our favorite supporting characters and encourage you to decide who your favorite is. And while you're reminiscing about the show, why not bring your friends together for a fantastic trivia game inspired by Martin? Jerome In The House is a black-owned party card game that will keep the fun going all night long.

  1. Sheneneh Jenkins Martin's sassy, no-nonsense neighbor, Sheneneh Jenkins, was a force to be reckoned with. Her loud outfits and over-the-top attitude never failed to entertain. Whether she was clashing with Gina or engaging in comical banter with Martin, Sheneneh's presence always made for memorable moments.

  2. Tommy Strawn Tommy Strawn, played by Thomas Mikal Ford, was Martin's best friend and voice of reason. With his laid-back demeanor and mysterious employment situation, Tommy brought balance and a subtle comedic touch to the show.

  3. Cole Brown Carl Anthony Payne II portrayed Cole Brown, another one of Martin's close friends. Although Cole's dim-witted nature often got him into trouble, his loyalty and friendship with Martin provided endless humor.

  4. Bruh-Man Bruh-Man, portrayed by Reginald Ballard, was Martin's peculiar neighbor who lived on the fifth floor. His unannounced visits through Martin's window and his slow, deliberate speech made him an unforgettable character who always left the audience chuckling.

  5. Pam James Pamela "Pam" James, played by Tichina Arnold, was Gina's best friend and Martin's constant frenemy. Her sharp wit and sarcastic comebacks made for some of the show's most iconic exchanges, leaving viewers in stitches.

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