A Living Single Reunion: Where Are They Now?

A Living Single Reunion: Where Are They Now?

It's been over two decades since we bid farewell to the lovable characters of Living Single, a groundbreaking sitcom that showcased the lives of six friends living in Brooklyn. As we take a trip down memory lane, let's catch up with the talented cast members and see what they've been up to since the show's finale. Additionally, we'll introduce a captivating adult party card game that tests your knowledge of Living Single and other black TV and film classics, making it the perfect addition to your next gathering.

Kim Coles, who portrayed the quirky and lovable Synclaire James, continued to act after Living Single ended, appearing in numerous TV shows and movies. She also ventured into stand-up comedy and motivational speaking, empowering others to embrace their authentic selves.

John Henton, who played the sarcastic and witty Overton Wakefield Jones, went on to feature in various TV shows, such as The Hughleys. He also continued to perform stand-up comedy, entertaining audiences with his humor.

Erika Alexander, known for her role as the strong-willed and ambitious Maxine Shaw, enjoyed a successful acting career in both film and television, including the critically acclaimed series Get Out and Black Lightning.

Kim Fields, who played the sophisticated and driven Regine Hunter, continued to act in several popular TV shows, like The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also directed numerous episodes of popular sitcoms, such as Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns and House of Payne.

Terrence Carson, best known as the charming and talented Kyle Barker, pursued a voice acting career in animated series and video games, including the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series and the God of War video game franchise.

Queen Latifah, who portrayed the fearless and entrepreneurial Khadijah James, went on to enjoy a highly successful career as an actress, singer, and producer. She starred in numerous films and TV shows, such as Chicago, Hairspray, and The Equalizer.

Now that we've caught up with the cast, it's time to relive the magic of Living Single and other black TV and film classics with a unique adult party card game. This black-owned game features trivia questions from Living Single, A Different World, Friday After Next, and Set It Off, providing endless entertainment for you and your friends. With 100 cards and room for 3 to 20 players, this game is perfect for any occasion, be it a game night, family gathering, or bachelorette party.

As we continue to cherish the memories and laughter that Living Single brought us, we can celebrate its legacy and the talents of its cast members with this engaging trivia game. So, gather your friends, test your knowledge, and enjoy a fun-filled evening that pays homage to the unforgettable world of Living Single and other black TV and film masterpieces.

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